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CCA's Varsity Volleyball Senior Night Shines Spotlight on Outstanding Seniors

The anticipation is mounting at CCA as students, families, and fans gear up for the highly awaited varsity volleyball senior night ceremony and game, set to take place tomorrow evening. The event aims to commemorate the exceptional contributions of five remarkable seniors who have been pivotal in shaping the school's volleyball program.

With the ceremony scheduled to kick off around 5 PM (or after the JV game) in the school gymnasium, the focus will be on honoring the exemplary leadership and dedication of the seniors:

Laura Ulyett, recognized for her thunderous hits that consistently keep opponents on their toes, is esteemed for her strategic finesse in placing the ball with precision. Her versatility as a Right Side Hitter and Middle Blocker, showcased through her powerful play, has earned her the distinguished jersey number 19.

Sofia Colon, revered for her unwavering defense at the net, is widely celebrated for her impenetrable blocks and relentless powerful hits that often leave competitors struggling to defend. As the formidable Right Side Hitter, she confidently dominates the court, donning jersey number 17.

Madison Mendoza (Maddie), renowned for her exceptional court vision and keen tactical awareness, astounds spectators with her well-timed and unpredictable setting dumps, often catching opponents off guard. Operating as the masterful Setter, she leads her team's offensive plays, distinguished by jersey number 13.

Shannon Fariba, acknowledged for her consistent reliability and lightning-fast hitting skills, commands attention with her swift and forceful attacks from the Right Side. Her powerful yet precise hits add depth to her team's offensive strategy, represented by jersey number 9.

Ruby Gao, known for her dynamic presence at the net, demonstrates unmatched versatility in her adeptness at both solid blocking and delivering definitive kills whenever the opportunity arises. As an agile and commanding Middle, she makes her mark with every play, proudly displaying jersey number 7.

As the evening progresses, all eyes will be on the volleyball court at 6:00 PM, where the Raven's team, led by the esteemed seniors, will face off against their rivals in a thrilling showdown. The seniors, eager to make their mark in their final home game, are expected to showcase their skills and teamwork, aiming for a memorable victory to mark their time with the team.

The event not only celebrates the seniors' contributions but also serves as an opportunity for the entire school community to come together in support of their beloved volleyball team. CCA Volleyball encourages all attendees to join in the festivities, show their appreciation for the seniors, and cheer on the team for what promises to be an unforgettable evening of volleyball and camaraderie.


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