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CCA Volleyball Team Hosts Teacher Appreciation Game to Honor Difference-Makers

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) volleyball team is gearing up for a heartwarming event that goes beyond the spikes, serves, and volleys. On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, CCA will host a Teacher Appreciation Game to recognize and honor the educators who have made a significant difference in the lives of their students. This event promises to be a touching tribute to those who inspire and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

CCA's commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of their teachers is truly commendable. The teacher appreciation game will be held at the CCA volleyball court, just before the highly anticipated varsity game against Carlsbad High School. The brief ceremony is scheduled to commence at approximately 5:30 PM, providing a perfect opportunity for both the players and the community to show their gratitude.

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of young minds, and the CCA volleyball team is well aware of this. The event organizers have reached out to students to nominate teachers who have left a lasting impact on them, both inside and outside the classroom.

The CCA volleyball team, coached by Head Coach Charley Yoeun, Associate Coach Sarah Savoca, and Assistant Coach, Taimani Toilolo, has been training tirelessly for their upcoming game against Carlsbad High School. Still, they believe that it's equally important to take a moment to acknowledge the people who have helped mold them into the athletes and individuals they are today.

During the ceremony, selected teachers will be recognized and presented with tokens of appreciation. The event is expected to be a heartwarming experience for both the teachers and students involved. It's a moment where the roles will reverse, with the students expressing their heartfelt gratitude to those who have selflessly devoted their time and energy to their education.

We'd like to introduce you to the students and teachers who will be sharing this special moment:

Livia Hollingsworth #2 will be honoring Profe Paz, who teaches Spanish. Profe Paz's dedication to teaching the language and culture has made a lasting impact on Livia's language learning journey.

Sophie Tsui #3 will be honoring Brianna Corallo, CCA's Athletic Trainer. Brianna's dedication to keeping the athletes safe from injury and educating them on injury prevention has been invaluable to Sophie and the volleyball team.

Leeza Nikitin #4 will be honoring Mr. Siegel, who teaches Biology. Mr. Siegel's passion for the subject and commitment to his students have inspired Leeza's interest in the field of biology.

Jashvita R. Damineni #5 will be honoring Mr. Kortman, who teaches ASB (Associated Student Body) and English. Mr. Kortman's leadership and teaching have left a profound impact on Jashvita's understanding of both subjects.

Etzia Masellis #6 will be honoring Hector. Etzia's appreciation for Hector's exceptional support goes beyond words, as he has played a significant role in the support for CCA Volleyball and her experience at CCA.

Ruby Gao #7 will be honoring Ms. Dobashi, who teaches Statistics. Ruby's love for statistics has been nurtured by Ms. Dobashi's engaging teaching methods and dedication.

Chloe Wang #8 will be honoring Mr. Spilkin, who teaches Social Science. Mr. Spilkin's approach to teaching has helped Chloe develop a deep appreciation for the subject.

Shannon Fariba #9 will be honoring Vice Principal Mr. Thornton for his administrative guidance and mentorship.

Dina Sam #10 will be honoring Ms. Aguilar, who teaches Psychology. Dina's passion for psychology has been ignited by Ms. Aguilar's insightful lessons.

Jenny Li #11 will be honoring Mr. Corman, who teaches Physics. Mr. Corman's enthusiasm for physics has made the subject both enjoyable and engaging for Jenny.

Ella Mock #12 will be honoring Ms. Shultis, who teaches Math. Ms. Shultis' patient and effective teaching methods have helped Ella excel in mathematics.

Madison Mendoza #13 will be honoring Mr. Fisher, who teaches Physics. Mr. Fisher's dedication to physics education has been instrumental in Madison's academic journey.

Annie Cheng #15 will be honoring Ms. Dickinson, who teaches Chemistry. Annie's passion for chemistry has been nurtured by Ms. Dickinson's exceptional teaching.

Sofia Inamdar #16 will be honoring Ms. Butcher, who teaches French. Sofia's love for the French language has flourished under Ms. Butcher's guidance.

Sofia Colon #17 will be honoring Mrs. Eddingfield, who teaches Advanced Placement (A/P) and Chemistry. Mrs. Eddingfield's expertise has been a source of inspiration for Sofia.

Jenna Phaneuf #18 will be honoring Mrs. LaMotte, who teaches History. Mrs. LaMotte's passion for history has made the subject come alive for Jenna.

Laura Ulyett #19 will be honoring Mrs. Celniker, who teaches Engineering. Laura's interest in engineering has been nurtured by Mrs. Celniker's guidance and mentorship.

The CCA volleyball team is inviting students, parents, and community members to join them in celebrating this unique occasion. It's not just a volleyball game; it's a celebration of education, mentorship, and the enduring impact that teachers have on their students' lives.

As the CCA volleyball team prepares to face Carlsbad High School in the game that follows, their hearts will be warmed by the knowledge that they've taken a moment to thank the teachers who have helped shape their journey. It's a game that reminds us all that sometimes, the most valuable lessons are learned outside the classroom, and the most significant victories are won through the power of gratitude and appreciation.

So mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at the CCA volleyball court. Join the CCA volleyball team and the entire community in celebrating these exceptional educators who make a difference every day. It's an event that promises to inspire both on and off the court.


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